Winter fertilization for your lawn

It is finally here! Winter came and all the shopping and family gatherings have left you with no time to take care of your lawn.  It will be awesome to show off a beautiful landscape design or maybe just a leaf clean up. Right? Too late?

But your neighbors can still appreciate a lush green lawn in the Spring!

Your lawn care company can start right now with a winter fertilizer.

First, it would be wise to conduct a soil test to determine the kind of nutrients that are deficient in the soil. This way a trained technician can determine the kind of winter fertilizer that your lawn needs.

More than Lawn fertilizer

Here’s how your grass survives the winter; top growth slows in the winter and eventually as daylight shortens and the temperatures drop the plant goes dormant. During this time, while the top growth slows the grass plant is still busy socking away nutrients to the roots so it will have plenty of energy to come back out of dormancy next spring. That means your grass absorbs the nutrients in fertilizer during fall and winter and applies it directly to the root system. 

Strong Roots

A strong root system can make or break your lawn during stressful conditions. Strengthening your lawn’s root system throughout the fall and winter months will give you lawn reserves to draw from during the stress full summer months.

  • The best time to apply winter fertilizer is in the fall when the top growth of your grass slows. This usually happens in November or early December. Your grass will be green on top and have an active root system. Applying winter fertilizer in the fall follows the natural pattern for your grass, it takes in nutrients and stores them during the fall and uses them in the spring. This also helps to avoid flushing of growth during the spring and keeps your lawn much healthier.

You won’t  see immediate results from this Lawn Fertilizer application, but the root system will be strong for the new growth in Spring and we are sure your Sanford, NC neighbors will notice


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