Break the Cycle

North Carolina’s warm temperatures and humid climate mean that a variety of plants, trees, and grass can thrive in our area throughout the year.

Unfortunately, our climate also means weeds can develop and quickly spread throughout our property, jeopardizing the health and aesthetic value of our landscaped gardens and lawns.

It looks AMAZING!                                                          I would highly recommend this company.

Gidget S.

We have been very happy with the lawn care and the communications we have had with Green Garden.

Katie W.

For property owners, weed control and weed removal can be some of the most unpleasant and time-consuming parts of lawn maintenance, so it is vital to establish weed control services regularly to protect the health and longevity of your residential or commercial property.

Green Garden Landscaping offers specific Weed Control services such as Vegetation Management, Right of Way Spraying, Turf Weed Control and Bed Weed Control.

Green Garden Landscaping is pleased to offer comprehensive weed control services for your lawns and landscaped gardens that remove the weeds while also protecting the health of your existing grass, flowers, and plants. 

Our Weed Control Services include a complete analysis of your property to identify the existing types of weeds and developing a safe removal and treatment strategy that reduces and eliminates future weed growth.

In addition, our services are performed by Landscape Professionals to safely and effectively apply weed herbicides that attack weeds while protecting surrounding lawns and landscaped gardens.


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