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We offer professional residential and commercial  irrigation system maintenance for  properties across Sanford and surrounding areas.


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Sprinkler Maintenance Services

An improper irrigation system maintenance could cost you big money and be devastating for your yard and gardens. The damage may not stop there. 

Breakdowns are inevitable with any system, and residential irrigation systems and sprinkler systems are no exception. There are many reasons that an irrigation system could fail. Kids at play could move the heads and mowers frequently cause sprinkler heads to break or become misaligned. Sunken sprinkler heads could occur after heavy rains, and debris will enter into the irrigation system and upset seals and or clog the mechanical device. 

Many times self-installed or improperly installed system leads to underground leaks to which can lead to gallons if not hundreds of gallons of water waste.

If the irrigation system was properly installed, a regular sprinkler service plan may be enough if a proper winterization or startup was provided.

Although every system is different, there are some aspects that are essential and they are included in our sprinkler/irrigation maintenance plan:

sprinkler head repair

Sprinkler Winterization

To keep your sprinkler system working properly and effectively next Spring a winterization service is key.

Sprinkler Start Up

For our Spring turn opening our technician will not only start your system but he will make sure your system is running efficiently.

You’r Sanford, NC Best Sprinkler Repair Services

We offer professional irrigation system repairs and maintenance using only high-quality irrigation materials for residential and commercial properties across Sanford and surrounding areas.

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Sprinkler Replaced



Below are some of the task that we provide with the maintenance:

    • Inspection of all zones to ensure they have matching precipitation levels
    • Ensure that coverage is complete and not redundant
    • We will adjust the timers in order to prevent water loss due to evaporation
    • Raise or lower sprinkler heads
    • Adjust nozzles to ensure adequate water coverage
    • Adjust control settings
    • Make sure that no zones are overwatered, which can reduce runoff and water waste while improving plant health.
    • Sprinkler’s valves will be check as well as the rain sensors, wire connections, and other parts.
    • Inspect and clean screens or replace them, if necessary.
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Sprinkler Repair Common Questions

How do you fix an irrigation system?

To fix an irrigation system you have to carefully observe the symptoms. 

This will usually direct you to the nature of the problem and the solutions to it.

Following are some of the most common problems that result in your irrigation system not working properly:

  1. Little, no water or not enough pressure
  2. Zones won’t stop watering
  3. Rotors not rotating or not rotating correctly
  4. Water leaks, leaking areas, or flooding
  5. Sprinkler heads do not pop up
  6. Timing & electric issues
  7. Broken parts or pipes
  8. Nozzles and heads


The solution to fix an sprinkler system could combine different issues and broken pipes may be one of the most significant and costly problems. The amount of water that can be lost could cost you more money in the long run without you even knowing it. This is why our technicians can troubleshoot the problems and provide an expert diagnosis of what actually is causing your system to malfunction.

Who do you call to fix sprinkler system?

Experienced technicians like our service team can help you repair your irrigation system immediately. Green Garden Landscaping provides affordable irrigation repair services for homeowners in Sanford, NC who need to get the job done right the 1st time.

Our technicians are highly trained and have the experience to troubleshoot your irrigation system and diagnose the problem within minutes. We can fix anything when it comes to irrigation systems and resolves your problem quickly.

How long do sprinkler solenoids last?

When a valve fails, it’s often because of its solenoid.

There are two basic types of solenoids: the 24-volt and the DC-latching type. The DC-latching solenoids are found in the battery-powered valves that are used where there is no access to AC power.

Essentially, a solenoid is a hollow plastic tube, wrapped with hundreds of feet of very fine wire. When the controller sends voltage down to this wire coil, it creates an electromagnetic field that pulls a little plunger inside the tube up and down.

It’s like a finger that plugs and unplugs the port. When it moves up, it unplugs the port, and water pushes the diaphragm open. When it moves down, plugging the port, the opposite happens. Because of its nature friction causes heat to build up inside solenoids, and they can short out over time.

A good quality valve should last between 12-15 years when you have good quality water. Water from ponds and lake carry a lot of debris and will damage the valve or solenoids because of the build up.

Why is my irrigation system not working?

Your irrigation system is responsible for keeping your yard beautiful, your plants vibrant, and your lawn healthy and happy. However, getting your irrigation system working can be a headache, and troubleshooting problems can be a difficult, frustrating, and tedious job. This is especially true when the problem isn’t with the plumbing that makes your irrigation system work, but with the wiring.

Your sprinkler system is more than just a series of pipes that carry water where it needs to go—it’s also a series of valves that control water flow, and wiring that controls those valves. So when something stops working, figuring out the problem may seem like a truly overwhelming task

  • If your sprinkler is squirting water at odd angles or the area around it is soggy, most likely something is broken. 
  • Aging pipes and splits in pipes are common irrigation problems. Blockages, particularly after the rainy season when insects or sediment can build up in the pipes, are common. 
  • If you see water trickling out of your device even when that station is off, there are good chances that you have a blocked solenoid valve.
  • All systems need an irrigation timer, whether it’s a manual timer or a fully automatic system run by an irrigation controller. Be sure that it is set correctly to avoid overwatering and save thousands of liters of water. You can get a timer manual from the internet.

And if you’re not sure what could be wrong with your equipment, it’s best to contact an irrigation expert.

How do you repair a sprinkler valve?

One of the common repairs that we at Green Garden Landscaping do is replacing sprinkler valves. These valves are responsible for the water flow that goes between the pipes and your sprinkler heads so they are a crucial part of ensuring that your sprinkler or irrigation system does not waste any water.

We know that it can be difficult to discover if there is a problem with your sprinkler valve and once you do, you have to find the issue and repair or replace it. Our team of irrigation professionals has years of experience in the field and we can use our knowledge to help you replace your sprinkler valves efficiently.

How much does it cost to replace a sprinkler pump?

At the heart of your irrigation system is the pump. Although it is built to last, your pump is powering a complex system and is exposed to the ever-changing conditions of your yard. That means that it may break down from time to time and require repair. The average cost to repair your sprinkler system pump is $275 to $900. not including the cost of labor of about $75 an hour by a professional plumber.

How do you fix a hole in a sprinkler?

For small holes, you can buy PVC repair kits at the hardware store. Choose a patch that matches the diameter of the leaking pipe. If the kit doesn’t already come with PVC cement, you’ll need to buy that as well.

Wipe the damaged area with a rage to remove mud and dry it. Paint the pipe cement onto both surfaces, put the patch pieces over it and snap them together. Let dry for the time recommended by kit manufacturer.

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