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Blood-sucking fleas and ticks pose potential harm to your family and pets. They hide in your lawn and can cause problems from simple skin irritation to spreading disease.


Pretty much all warm-blooded animals are fed upon by fleas. Flea bites cause a persistent, annoying itch that causes the skin to be irritated when scratched. They may feed and breed throughout the year but their growth often slows during the winter months because of low temperatures.


Ticks have long been pests of humans and animals in North Carolina. From the larval to the adult stages, ticks attach to a living host and feed on the host’s blood. In doing so, they may transmit germs that cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever or Lyme disease, both of which can have serious consequences for humans.

Our Flea and Tick Control

Let a Green Garden Pest Control specialist help protect your beloved pet and your home from the spread of pesky fleas with our flea and tick control service!


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