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Our Pest Control services don’t bite.

With Pest Control this good it’s hard to believe…but we GUARANTEE you’ll be satisfied.

Insect and Grub Preventative

Fleas and ticks

Blood-sucking fleas and ticks pose potential harm to your family and pets. They hide in your lawn and can cause problems from simple skin irritation to spreading disease.

Grubs control

 Those dead patches may be due to grub feeding that occurred the previous fall. To check, lift a piece of your turf. If grubs are the culprit, the dead patch will roll up ….

fire ants

Fire ants in established turfgrass are considered serious nuisance pests due to formed mounds interfering with ball play on golf courses, damaging equipment and are …


Bagworms can be readily identified by the cone-shaped bag they spin from silk and embed with bits of debris.

Fall Armyworms

The fall armyworm is a sporadic but serious pest of turfgrasses in North Carolina. 

Sod webworms

Sod webworms are named after the characteristic silk-or web-lined burrows that the larvae form in the thatch and soil under the turf. 


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