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When you join our growing list of lawn care, landscape customers, you will be treated to expert service and a level of professionalism that can’t be beat. Here’s what you can expect when you choose Green Garden Lawn Care


We love lawns! It’s why we do what we do, and why we want to earn your business with continuous TLC for every aspect of your property.


Have an irrigation issue that needs to be resolved quickly? Our team responds promptly and solves problems quickly and completely.


We have the highest staff retention rate in RTP, so you will know and trust the same team members who care for your lawn week after week.


No hidden fees for your lawn services, no extra charges! Our pricing is upfront and honest for every service we provide.


Our expert team provides smart lawn care services that account for variables including weather, pests, and your particular grade and shade property characteristics.

Get Result with our Custom

Professional Lawn Care Program

Our organic-based, six-step Green Care Lawn Program uses organic fertilizers, poly-coated slow-release products, and liquid weed controls to guarantee you the thickest, lush green lawn, healthiest lawn possible. With the information of the soil test, we get information of the soil PH and help us to prevent pest control problem like brown patch,etc.



Weed seed germination occurs when the soil reaches the correct temperature. Pre-emergents kill weeds before sprouts emerge from the soil.


Weed and feed

We use a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to strengthen the cell development of the plant. It is designed to stop excessive spring growth. Pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control is also applied when the weather permits.


Summer fertilizer

This process uses low nitrogen rates with a balanced, slow-release, non-burning fertilizer. We also use targeted broadleaf weed control.


Fall fertilizer

 Using a heavy rate of balanced fertilizer to help develop an extensive root system in addition to targeted broadleaf weed control, our six-step process gets one step closer to being complete.


Winter fertilizer

When soil temperatures fall below 43ºF, a winter fertilizer will be applied to help promote a more disease resistant turf and a quick green up for next Spring.


Lime application

 Without neutralized pH levels, your lawn will not be able to properly absorb nutrients from the applied fertilizers.

During the free consultation, our trained and certified technicians will identify the specific needs of your property and plan a custom fertilization program tailored just for you. They’ll also address important maintenance aspects of your unique property, such as mowing practices, soil quality, irrigation practices, shade exposure, and more. Our comprehensive approach provides a fresh start that will exceed your expectations!

Our program also includes the control of Nutsedge and Crabgrass at no extra charge!

*Spot-spraying for weeds is done at each step.

*As we identify problems in the soil, we have the option to send soil samples to be analyzed for a deeper understanding of your lawn.

Lawn Aeration Service

Your lawn needs some love, so why not give it what it needs?

With the soil aeration from Green Green Landscaping, you can do exactly that for your lawn. Our aeration service will ensure that your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood because of its health and perfection.

With mechanical aeration, we make holes in the lawn (and the soil beneath) by either pushing short spikes into turf and soil or by extracting a small plug of soil, also known as coring.

Our new product N-Ext Air-8 0-0-5 Liquid Aeration is designed to break up and loosen topsoil and encourage deeper rooting to drive more oxygen into the topsoil profile.  It provides deeper penetration of water and roots, it can be done anytime during the growing season, covers the entire lawn and there’s no need of markings.


Left alone, grass would grow tall and billowy, sinking roots deeply. These deep roots would break up the soil and form an anchor enabling turf to withstand summer heat and drought with ease. The typical homeowner, however, doesn’t leave the grass alone. Instead, we cut and edge and blow, grooming a manicured swath of sparkling green. The activities associated with maintaining a lush lawn combine to compress the soil, which suppresses root growth and hinders roots from penetrating into the soil.

Lawn Fertilization

Healthy Lawn need regular fertilizing to maintain a vigorous bright green appearance, remain healthy and resist insects, weeds and diseases. 

When to fertilize

It depends on the type of grass you have and where you live. Fertilizing should always coincide with the natural growth cycles of the type of grass you grow. 

But not just any fertilizer applied at any old time will do. Lawn fertilizer needs to contain the right balance of nutrients applied in the right quantities at the right time of year. Done improperly, fertilizing can burn the lawn and/or make worse some of the pest problems you were trying to solve.

Weed Control

North Carolina’s warm temperatures and humid climate mean that a variety of plants, trees, and grass can thrive in our area throughout the year.

Unfortunately, our climate also means weeds can develop and quickly spread throughout our property, jeopardizing the health and aesthetic value of our landscaped gardens and lawns.

Why us

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