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Leaf Removal Service In Sanford NC

Leaf Removal Service In Sanford NC

At Green Garden Landscaping Sanford, our goal is to provide you with the most beautiful yard in your neighborhood. Whether we’re performing landscaping services, lawn care, pest control, or lawn maintenance — we’ll level up your curb appeal!

Do you love the Sanford Fall season, with its beautiful fall leaves bursting with reds, yellows, and oranges, but absolutely dread when the trees decide to shed their leaves? Leaf cleanup can be a hassle in your already busy schedule, and who wants to “adult” and do chores on the weekend? Wouldn’t you rather be playing and enjoying time in other ways? Well at Green Garden Sanford, we will gladly take leaf cleanup off your plate!

When it comes to landscape maintenance, leaf removal is in our vocabulary (and services)! Leaves are on their own cycle and will fall at different times during the season, and keeping up with leaf maintenance is important to the health of your outdoor landscaping. You may need to contact us twice during the Fall season — once for the initial light leaf removal and again before the first snow.

Why leaf removal is important

Leaf removal is important because, though the leaves will at some point decompose, removing a majority of the leaves will preserve your grass and you’ll be able to avoid having to reseed dead grass patches in the Spring resulting from snow mold. Allowing your lawn to breathe in the Winter — instead of being buried under a thicket of heavy, damp leaves — will prevent pests and disease, and let the air flow, bringing health right down to the roots of your grass. A good mulching with your leaves is something we’ll perform as well, leaving your lawn with a good balance of leaves and grass clippings that feeds it throughout the winter months.

Green Garden for your leaf removal

We’re here to make your Fall more fun! We here in the Sanford area to keep both commercial and residential properties not only tidy but healthy!

And keep in mind, many municipalities in the NC area offer a free leaf vacuuming service. These municipalities have trucks that drive around and suck up leaves that are at the curb of properties. The only thing that you, the homeowner, has to do is get the leaves to the curb. Let Green Garden Landscaping get your leaves to the curb for you. Contact us today for leaf removal!

Maintenance & Upkeep

At Green Garden Landscaping Sanford, our goal is to provide you with the most beautiful yard in your neighborhood.

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