We’ve heard for years that “bigger is better” and when it comes to hiring a lawn care company, it is easy to assume that national companies, with their unlimited marketing budgets and endless commercials, are the authority on lawn care.

But there has been a renewed interest in investing in local businesses and establishing relationships with those who serve the community. It’s become trendy to buy “local, farm vegetables” or to get vintage items at the downtown stores – but more than trendy, better quality, better service and better for your community.

I sure can’t call up Home Depot or Lowes and have someone there walk me through a repair on my 5-year-old lawn mower! And you can bet when the time comes to throw in the towel on that old machine, I’ll be buying my new one from the shop near me!

That’s the beauty of local businesses. They view themselves as a part of a community and believe the service they provide should benefit those they serve. Green Garden Landscaping is this kind of company near you, and we pride ourselves on providing quality, individualized service!

One customer, Walter Ciucevich, has experienced our commitment to providing a level of care that the national guys can’t, and had this to say:

“Green garden is the most professional landscaping company I’ve ever dealt with. They’re always on time, are fast and efficient and my yard looks great. They’ve also got a great auto-pay billing that lets me automate our billing. If you’re on the fence about who to use, just give them a try. You won’t regret it.”

Another Green Garden customer, Tiffany Marie, used another company and never saw the results or customer service they promised. This team is efficient, reliable and professional. We have used their services off and on for the last 2 years and are always impressed with the top-notch job they carry out. Seasonal or year round, this company takes care of your outdoor yard needs with great pride. We recommend them to all of our friends and neighbors.

Are you ready to hire lawn care professionals? Do you want a local company that will give you and your lawn individualized, personal attention throughout the season? Give Green Garden Landscaping a call, or click the button below to get a free quote with no high-pressure sales tactics.

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