Preventing unwanted weeds


Just like animals, there is a variety of weeds that are dormant during the winter, and they’re just beneath the surface waiting for spring’s wonderful temperatures.

Here in Sanford, NC, we have a wide variety of them, for example, Common Dandelion, Large Crabgrass, Ragweed, Carolina Geranium, Goose-grass; just to mention few. And, while they are on the ground waiting to show a proud face — when you first step out in the yard — you should be getting ready too with lawn care services.

As soil temperatures warm consistently and moisture is present, the millions of weed seeds in your lawn have their opportunity to start growing. Perhaps an easier way than getting soil temperatures from the soil is to be on the lookout for your flowering trees and shrubs to begin to bloom. Often, when soil temperatures begin to rise to adequate levels for weeds to even think about germination, flowering trees such as pears are in FULL blossom.  If nothing is impeding their development, then you’ll soon have a big crop of weeds emerging.

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Lawn care companies in Sanford can provide Pre-emergent applications that creates a layer of protection to stop these weeds. As the germinating seed comes in contact with the material, it stops developing. This works in the majority of areas that have average to dense turf grass.  When to apply Pre-emergent is just one of the many questions we receive on a daily basis at Green Garden. Your certified, trained lawn care technician is here to answer all of the questions you have and will work with you one-on-one to help you get the best looking lawn on your block. Green Garden prides itself on communicating with you after each application, making you aware of how your lawns overall health is, providing valuable feedback, and giving you timely instructions. Green Garden Landscaping uses Prodamine, which is the best Pre-emergent in the industry, providing great control before and shortly after any germination. This is why it is important to enlist a lawn care company near you that provides a lawn maintenance program with Pre and Post-emergent application to spot-spray these areas before they can get out of control.


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