About Us

At Green Garden Landscape, we bring you the best of both worlds. Not only do we offer premium lawn care, lawn maintenance and landscaping services, but we also bring you amazing customer service with each job we perform. We’re proud to serve our community of Sanford, NC and the surrounding areas.

Strong Team

We are a team of individuals that live in the community. That means we understand the turf, tree, shrub and insect issues of this area.

We are Expert

We are experts at solving the problems and challenges unique to this area and we know how to resolve them as efficiently as possible.


We are extremely concerned with your complete satisfaction.

Fast & Effective

We are not a national corporation with call centers and pushy sales guys in other states.

Why Choose Us?

Our 100% No Risk Warranty.

We have the highest rating

We care about the details

We carry a multi-million dollar insurance policy.

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My “No-Hassle, No-Excuses, NO-NONSENSE, You’ll Love it OR We’ll Pay For it!” GUARANTEE.

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Our vision

We know that if we fail you-you will tell your friends and neighbors. We want you to be more than satisfied. We want your neighbors to become our clients. So the burden is on us to excel at what we do, so others will notice our work. Whether you want regular maintenance or just a company to help with the lawn mowing from time to time, we are here to give you the best service every single time.


Here at GGL...

We are not a ‘cut and run’ lawn care company. If there is a challenge — if you have a frustration, we will be here to fix it… to make it right. You can count on us to do what’s right and stand behind 100% of our work. Every time.

The best way to learn about Green Garden Landscape is to give us a no-hassle, no-pressure try. Call us today at 919-478-1852.



Our Landscape Maintenance Guarantee! A Personal 100% Iron-Clad, Risk Free, Double Money Back Guarantee.